Making a List and Checking it Twice

Hi Folks,

So today or tomorrow I’m going to order all of the materials to get my house started and to the “dry-in” stage.  When you have built to the dry-in stage your house has a floor, walls, windows, roof and the protective coverings that will keep it dry – hence the name.  I suppose I have to have a door too.

I expect that this will again be thousands of dollars so I am indeed “making a list and checking it twice”.  I have found out that Home Depot is a great resource.  I’ve researched getting specialized materials at all kinds of vendors and from the manufacturers themselves and when I went to Home Depot, they’ve been able to either have it all or get it for me.  Truly “one stop shopping” – and if I spend enough money they give me added discounts.  They also discuss with me all the details of screws and wood and roofing as long as I like. They don’t always know everything, so I still have to check with manufacturers websites or with my architect/engineer (A/E) or with other experts.  But I find that the more I talk about it all, the more comfortable I am with it all.

In fact, I just made an emergency “what are we doing about this problem and why are we using this material” call to Scott (my A/E) to be reassured that all was well.  All is well.  He also assured me yesterday that he doesn’t bill as lawyers do (by the minute)!  A double reassurance.  Thank you, Scott.

Dan, my carpenter, arrives on April 2nd – so we’ll be getting adjusted, taking inventory, leveling the trailer, etc. and START.

Blessings and Happy Trails,


2 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice

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  1. Hey Robin, Good for you, good for you. And I love knowing you’re here on wordpress. I adore my blog and invite you to follow mine as I am now following yours. And when your wee home is done, I hope you travel west and visit me on the island, maybe meet some of the YES magazine folks who featured homes like yours about two years ago…They’re here on the island! Fun connection. with love and admiration, deborah

  2. Good for you, Robin. Sounds like excellent progress to me and sometimes we simply don’t need to question why but simply succumb to that urge within – your OWN home on wheels. yeah. I hope you’ll visit me on the island which is the home of YES magazine which did an article on homes like yours maybe two years ago. Maybe they’d interview you…who knows. and I love seeing that you’re here on wordpress. I love it. I’m now following yours. Hope you’ll follow mine.

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