My Mentors

My first mentor for this journey is Jay Shaffer and his Tumbleweed Houses.  My friend Susan was the first person to mention his work to me and as soon as I saw one of his houses 6 or 7 years ago I knew I wanted to build a house on wheels, not just have a RV or a motor home.  There is quite a tiny house movement going on now and it’s a lot of fun to gather together with other people who have the same tiny dream.  I met with about 40 people in Boulder, CO in January at a Tumbleweed House workshop led by Jay.  Though my house is quite a bit larger than most of his that are on trailers and  has a different shape because I have a gooseneck trailer, it was great to get the feeling that I could actually do this and to share ideas with so many.

I’ve been getting a lot of ideas about letting go of “stuff” and what it might mean to live a different lifestyle from Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus and their website The Minimalists.  Though I want to keep many more things than they do I’ve gotten a lot of value from thinking about the things they have considered.  Besides, it’s a process, so I’m just taking it at my pace and allowing myself to change over time.  One of the things I’ve decided is to keep some of my really beautiful things that I love and actually use them.

There is a blogging “competitor” Little Yellow Door who has a great blog on building her own little house on wheels.  Ella is much braver than I in that she is really in charge of her own building – she’s the main carpenter.  I like her style and she’s also helped me think about certain aspects of the process.  If you have the time, check out her story.

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  1. I am impressed! Wonderful to see someone have a vision and follow through. Also admire your ability to get rid of stuff. Am looking forward to communities of similar projects. Bravo to you.

    1. Thanks, Judith. I think there is actually a group up in Ft. Collins that is building a tiny house community and I know there are some others around the country.

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