Registered, Titled and Tagged. Gyrtle is Finally Ready to Roll!

I don’t think I can express the relief I feel. My tiny home is finally titled, tagged and registered properly — which means now, I can take her wherever she needs to go! All it took was three years, multiple trips and calls to the DMV, three separate VIN inspections, one temporary registration and haul to get it weighed, calls to every car dealership in Colorado Springs to find the single bond appraiser who could do what I needed (Bob from Bob’s Colorado Classics), a trip to Heather at Colorado Springs Insurance for an on-the-spot issue of the bond I needed to re-title, and Voila! Gyrtle is tagged, titled and ready to roll.

I’m not sure that most tiny house people have to deal with all these steps, but because I inherited this house from my mother, there were quite a few hoops to jump through. Boy, am I glad it’s over!

It was wonderful to be back in colorful Colorado. Even though I had a lot to accomplish, I still got a chance to renew my spirit and soul. I was lucky enough to visit my dear friends Ed, Sallie and Tad of Germinal Stage Denver and to stay with a now dear friend and exceptionally talented metal artist in Historic Monument, Jodie Bliss of Bliss Studio & Gallery. I even got a great yoga class in with my mom’s good friend (and now mine), Raleigh Dove of Yoga Pathways Studio. I highly recommend her classes if you’re ever in Monument. She made two adjustments to my positions that made a world of difference on the long drive home to Phoenix!

Jodie, who had just returned from an incredible looking vacation in Belize, and I had a blast binge watching Hulu, sharing stories of our travels and passions, and cooking dinner over the fire pit in her backyard. We even got an outdoor, island-style dinner party in with Jodie’s musician friend Harry Mo, Raleigh, and her husband Lewis on my last night in town! The company, the music, the food — it was all exactly what the doctor ordered!

Island-style eating. Photo courtesy of Raleigh’s former career as a photojournalist.

This trip — from the drive up through Albuquerque, NM, where I stopped to visit family, to my last day in town, where I left Gyrtle behind once again — was exactly that, a trip. Driving up, I relived the last time that I’d made the 12-hour journey in November 2013, when I sped straight through to get to my mom as fast as possible upon hearing about her cancer diagnosis. It was autumn after the big Black Forest Fire, which broke out just a quarter mile from where Gyrtle then stood. At the time of that fire, I thought losing her house was the biggest threat my mother faced. I had no idea of the battle that was brewing in her body.

It’s interesting to me that Gyrtle’s current home is on the opposite edge of Black Forest’s massive burn area. The last time I stopped at the house on this trip, I pulled over to snap a picture of the damage that still lingers. My mom’s friend Deb didn’t seem to quite understand why, but to me, the stark skeletons of charred pine trees standing in contrast to the lush woods around them are a perfect metaphor for the struggles, strength and simple dumb luck that’s required to live tiny. The forest persists, despite its setbacks. Here I am, still working to discover Gyrtle’s future in the face of both a beautiful and tragic past.

Black Forest burn area, October 2016

I can’t believe all this happened just last week, when I returned to Colorado from Phoenix to get Gyrtle ready for her next journey. I’m still working to finalize the details of that journey, but I’m hopeful it will be something my mom would be proud of. I can’t wait to tell you all about it once I know for sure what’s happening! My November 18th deadline to move her from her current location is fast approaching, but I’m confident I’ll get something figured out — even if it’s just a temporary storage solution while all the details are ironed out.

In the meantime…

Blessing and Happy Trails!


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