Maybe I Should Just Keep It Simple

Hi Folks,
I Have just spent the last five hours trying to get this site set up. I thought it would be simple, and I tried to keep it simple, but it still took me all these hours and I still don’t have anything. I think I should just go to sleep. But, I will at least try to show you what I’m planning for my little house on wheels.

The Template

Apparently this drawing of my future home comes up as a link, so I hope you’ll click on it and see what it is I’m planning.

My desire with this website is to have a place to direct family and friends – and anyone who is interested – so they can follow the progress of this dream of mine. There is lots more to come – photos of all the steps of planning and building a small house on a trailer and plenty of discussion of the process and why in the world I’m doing it anyway when I could just buy an RV second hand for much less and be done with it.

So, stay tuned and I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

Happy Trails,

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