Reflection & Renewal

Dear Ones,

I am Robin’s daughter, Lianna, and I hope this message finds you well. Today we welcome Spring. I write of new beginnings, and of endings.

Robin passed away on December 24, 2013. (You may read her obituary here.) Thank you for following her journey as she made her dream to live in harmony with the earth a reality. My mom cherished your connection and support, and your communal energy gave her great strength.

Me and Mom on Gyrtle's front porch, July 2013

Me and Mom on Gyrtle’s front porch, July 2013

It has now been over a year since Robin passed—a long year for this planet. Many of us have known loss. We have felt the emptying out that comes with change, and the void it leaves behind, begging to be filled. We must be careful what we put back in.

In addition to being my mother, Robin was my teacher. She taught me what it is to listen and be true to oneself. To create Gyrtle took tremendous vision and power, and that vision lives on. As does our community. Gyrtle’s journey continues.

For now, Gyrtle is safe in Colorado, nestled comfortably on a friend’s land. In the coming months, she will embark on her new life as a residency program for artists and green innovators. I look forward to sharing the process with you on this blog, and welcome you to share your ideas, questions, concerns, and stories along the way. I look forward to getting to know you.

As you set your intentions for Spring, count my mom among the angels who are listening and will help your dreams come to life.

Blessings and Happy Trails!

As always,
Lianna K-V