Messages from Robin

A series of delightful synchronicities occurred just after I last updated this blog, as if my mom was sending messages straight from heaven; so I had to share a few.

It all started when I received an email from Robin’s dear friend, Deb. Look who she found while digging through old photos to commemorate her upcoming 60th birthday!
100_0009…If you knew Robin, you know this look of contentmentplus the flush of a glass or two of Merlotwell! Both Deb and Robin are April babies, and I know my mom will be celebrating with her in spirit.

On a separate note, my friend Carol Jean Lovette Young takes the most incredible photos of birds from her very own backyard in Baltimore. It just so happened that right after Deb’s email came through, Carol Jean posted two beautiful shots of a particular favorite of mine to her Facebook: the American Robin.

Check out more of Carol Jean’s photos on her Facebook. I hope you enjoy!


As always,

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