Gyrtle’s Next Journey: A Tiny House Changes Hands

Hi, Folks,

It’s hard to believe this as I write it, but it’s been almost two years since Gyrtle embarked on the next phase of her journey. The last time I wrote, I was looking for the right person to take over the care of my mom’s tiny house, and in August 2017, I transferred title to just that person.

The first time I heard from Brandon after posting my mom’s house for sale on Tiny House Listings, something clicked almost immediately. I received tons of emails in the first 24 hours of posting (an overwhelming amount, actually!), and started speaking to a few serious buyers. But something about Brandon’s message stood out. He had taken the time to read this blog, and he’d even watched my talk about tiny homes at Ignite Phx; beyond his own “passion for off the grid, green living, and leaving a small footprint,” Brandon resonated with my mom’s personal story and all the little details (and love) she put into building her home. The first time we spoke on the phone, the conversation was natural, friendly, honest, and practical. Brandon was my age, a creator, and he had been dreaming and planning for years to make his dream of living tiny come true.

All the little details started to add up, including the fact that Brandon already had a visit to Colorado planned in a few short weeks! We met in late August 2017 in Monument, CO where Brandon got to see the house in person for the first time. Afterward, we sat and chatted for almost two hours at Serrano’s, my favorite coffee shop in the area (an old favorite of my mom’s, too), and the next day we agreed to a sale price. We took care of the paperwork that very day, and I handed over the keys.

Brandon easily arranged transport with Uship within a few days, and by September 1, 2017, Gyrtle was on her way to the friend’s farm in Richmond, VA where Brandon had arranged to make his home. She looked beautiful in his care from the start.

Tiny house at dusk
Gyrtle settled in VA. Photos: Brandon Wood

In the two years since selling my mom’s tiny house, I’ve kept this story close to my heart, watching Brandon and Gyrtle’s story start to unfold. Now, it’s time for him to take up the telling. I’ll be transitioning this blog to his ownership soon, so he can keep my mom’s story alive with chapters of his own.

Thank you all so much for riding with me and my mom the past 7 years. Until we meet again…

Happy Trails,


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  1. This brought a tear to my eye, but overwhelming gratitude to my heart. I was there when my sister bought the trailer bed upon which she built Gyrtle. I remain ever proud of how she persevered in making her dream come true, of building it. The fact that Gyrtle took her own trip after Robin left, is somehow a testament to my sister’s own independent spirit.
    I will be so happy to follow Gyrtle ‘s (and Brandon’s) story in the future.
    Happy Trails, indeed!

  2. Thanks for the update, Lianna. I’m happy to hear that Gyrtle’s journey will continue in a way that continues Robin’s legacy. I appreciate how mindful you were about finding the best way forward to honor your mom’s spirit. I think of my dear friend often. I hope you and the whole family are doing well!

  3. Thank you for the update, Lianna. It’s good to hear Gyrtle has a good home. I miss your mom and I wish you well.

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