Progress Slows Down – Frustrations Abound

Hi Folks,

At this point we got word that our father’s house (where my brother and I were living), which had been on the market a fairly brief time, had a second buyer who wanted to settle by the 15th of May – which was only three weeks away.  I had arranged for my carpenter’s wife, Chris – a really good friend of mine, to come from Oklahoma.  Originally she was going to cook for us and help out where she could.  But when we got the final definite word that the settlement would be on the 15th all plans changed.

Clearly my house would not be finished by the end of May and clearly Chris was going to be needed to help finish packing up the house and getting out.  We had one week when she arrived.  While we were packing up, I had to get the siding (which we had brought to the house from my site to coat with oil/stain/preservative) painted and backt o the site so Dan could put it up.  He was working mainly by himself now because I had to be at the house.  So his progress was slowed down too.  At least I found out that I really had been needed.

In spite of all – which included ordering special stainless steel, ribbed siding nails from Indiana – we did manage to get almost all of the siding up before Chris and Dan left at the end of seven weeks and two half-days of work.  Dan also got everything prepped so that the roof could be put on.

We ran out of the special nails before completing the siding and the new order didn’t arrive until they had left.  The roof had also been delayed for some reason and finally arrived on May 17th instead of April 30th.  I found a roofer pretty easily to install the roof – and it went on days earlier than projected! – except for the last two pieces – because we ran out.  So it’s another two weeks to wait for those pieces to come in.

Dan also finished the porch which is just lovely.  I really enjoy sitting out there on my rocker, feeling the breeze and looking at Pikes Peak.  I really couldn’t have picked a better site to build on than this for so many reasons.

My electrician also came by for a day and we started wiring.  It was a lot more time consuming than I would have thought to get really specific about where I wanted lights and switches and plugs and all the little other things that needed power when you have a house that is a hybrid between a house and an RV.  In fact, I’m still working on choosing lights and fans.  I’m not real happy with what I’m finding on the DC sites.  In the end I think my brother Mark will make DC lights from AC lights I find that I like and we’ll put LED bulbs in them.

This brings us up-to-date with weeks 6-7 and 8.

Roof, Tyvek and a Loft

A lot happened this week too.  I screwed in tons of screws on the roof.  To be fair, Dan did half the roof and I did the other half. We got most of the Tyvek up.  It got too windy to be up on the tall ladders so we had to stop.  We also got the Bitch-i-thane (properly known as Ice and Water Shield) in place on the roof and the front of the trailer.  We also have a floor on the sleeping loft.  Grandkids now have a place to sleep.  And Windows!  Not quite dried-in, but getting pretty close.

End of week five.

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