Going back to the Beginning

Hi Folks – Success!  I have figured out how to insert a bunch of photos into a post – yay!!!

So now I’ll tell you what this is about.  These photos are from my outing on 12/8/11 with my friend John to pick up my trailer in Denver and bring it down to Colorado Springs so that we could start serious planning of the building of my home.  BTW, Gypsy Turtle Home is too long a title for my home so I call it Gyrtle (soft g like in gypsy).  John drove the rig back since I was barely used to driving my huge truck.

I bought the truck back on 8/23/11 after a good month of searching and researching: what brand of truck, how big an engine, 4WD, crew cab or not, automatic or manual, diesel or gas, etc.  I decided on a 2005 Ford 350 diesel w/ 4WD, automatic transmission, crew cab, and goose neck hookup already in it. It had about 103K miles on it – which is very good for a diesel.  It also came with some really cool extras I never would have put on my “must have” list – a moon roof, keyless entry, leather interior, seat warmers, fog lights, a cattle guard, and some yellow running lights on the cab.

I did end up spending a few bucks more than I’d budgeted, but you have to make a choice from what’s available and on the value you’re getting.  Taxes and registration were significant and I also had a mechanic check everything out and put in a chip to improve mileage and engine performance.  I love the color of my truck and feel quite the “empress of the road” in it now that I’m used to driving it.

I’ll tell you about the process of finding the trailer in the next post.

Keep on Truckin’


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