Making a List and Checking it Twice

Hi Folks,

So today or tomorrow I’m going to order all of the materials to get my house started and to the “dry-in” stage.  When you have built to the dry-in stage your house has a floor, walls, windows, roof and the protective coverings that will keep it dry – hence the name.  I suppose I have to have a door too.

I expect that this will again be thousands of dollars so I am indeed “making a list and checking it twice”.  I have found out that Home Depot is a great resource.  I’ve researched getting specialized materials at all kinds of vendors and from the manufacturers themselves and when I went to Home Depot, they’ve been able to either have it all or get it for me.  Truly “one stop shopping” – and if I spend enough money they give me added discounts.  They also discuss with me all the details of screws and wood and roofing as long as I like. They don’t always know everything, so I still have to check with manufacturers websites or with my architect/engineer (A/E) or with other experts.  But I find that the more I talk about it all, the more comfortable I am with it all.

In fact, I just made an emergency “what are we doing about this problem and why are we using this material” call to Scott (my A/E) to be reassured that all was well.  All is well.  He also assured me yesterday that he doesn’t bill as lawyers do (by the minute)!  A double reassurance.  Thank you, Scott.

Dan, my carpenter, arrives on April 2nd – so we’ll be getting adjusted, taking inventory, leveling the trailer, etc. and START.

Blessings and Happy Trails,


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