Visiting the Trailer at its New Home

Hi Folks,

We got the trailer to its new home in Colorado Springs on Dec. 8th and had a meeting at the trailer to get a closeup look-see and measurements on the 9th.  This is where Gyrtle will be built.  Well, not the exact spot.  We’ll move the trailer to the exact spot in the lot and level it probably on April 3rd – and get started.

I still haven’t ordered the materials though.  I keep having too many questions and I’m just not confident yet that I will buy the correct items.   As far as the wood is concerned, at least, Home Depot has it available immediately.  So I may just wait til Dan, my carpenter, gets here and we can go together and pick it out and make sure it’s right.  I will have to get the aluminum to protect the bottom of my home though.  I promise, I’ll do that tomorrow.  Think I’ll put in another call to my A&E too.

Happy Trails,


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