Here are My Drawings of Gyrtle

Hi Folks,

Here are some drawings of how I want my space to be set up.  Because these aren’t photos you need to click on each link to see the drawing – I couldn’t make a true gallery.  These are the kinds of drawings I like to look at and dream about.  Scott, my A&E (architect and Engineer), has detailed drawings that builders like to look at, of course.  I’ll ask him if it’s ok to put those up here too.

Today when I went to buy my self-tapping metals screws at ACE Hardware they had animal walking sticks – sticks with carvings of animals at the end.  They had one of a Turtle!  So I bought it.  I also bought the aluminum for the protection of the bottom of my home.

Sunday it was 82 degrees here.  Today, cold and windy and tonight it is snowing.  I don’t mind if we have snow tonight as long as it melts before Dan gets here and we don’t have to put off starting the building because of a blizzard!

Basic Drawing on Scott’s Template

Some Views of My Home

More Views of Gyrtle

It’s a long and winding road…

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