Journeys Have Begun

While it’s true that I don’t yet have my home built, I have begun to take the journeys that I will be taking in my home – even if I don’t always take my home.  This post is about my first journey which was to go back East to White Rose Farm to participate in the energy of the farm and create a performance together with Sally Voris, a biodynamic farmer and the caretaker of the land, and Cynthia Hoven a eurythmist from the West Coast.  I was there a week, from June 4 to June 11.  So the empty space from Dan leaving and not being able to work on my house has found some purpose.

The time there was truly magical.  Sally has seen the purpose of her farm as a place of beauty, balance and bounty and more recently as a place where agriculture supports community.  She sees the relevance and importance of connecting people to the earth and to honoring the spirit of the land.  She knows how this feeds more than our bodies and as we are fed in body and spirit by being on the land we give back to the land our love and respect.  This relationship is something that is sorely needed at this time.

Sally, Cynthia and I created a wonderful performance (even if I say so myself) that centered on a poem “This is the story of the Mother who comes collecting hearts through the sky.”  There were other poems and songs and the involvement of the audience.  In the end there was a chance for everyone to express their own calling.  One audience member played the native american flute which sounded like water dancing over the rocks in a stream.  There were people of all ages from a baby to an 80 year old, men, women, parents and children – both young and grown up.  It was a very moving experience.

The whole week was a wonderful time of renewal for me and an impetus for continuing down my path.  I share some photos of the place and the people:

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    1. Thanks Gael. I must admit that it’s nice to have someone who follows my blog and makes comments.

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