Finishing Walls/Roof Begins

Hi Folks,

This week my space begins to take on overhead dimension also.  It was interesting that as we put more parts together my home no longer felt so awkwardly huge and my fears of it being of odd proportion started to go away.  It began to feel just right and just as I had imagined it.

We did go through a bit of a reexamination of things as we approached the roof and ordering roofing material.  The walls were higher than we originally intended and we had to lower the pitch of the roof a bit to make sure I wouldn’t be over 13.5′ tall from the ground.  This gave us some concern about the required pitch to satisfy the requirements of the metal roof.  It also changed the needed length of the panels for the roof (to shorter, fortunately), but they had already been ordered, so that’s the way it was.

And so was the end of week four.

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