Making Connections

Hi Folks,

I now have a Facebook Fan Page that you can join if you like.  Apparently, to join it you have to be a member of Facebook.  I hope that’s not a problem for you.  I’ll post my photos and short updates and keep in touch with people who want to know more about what’s going on with the building of my home there. This blog isn’t really condusive to conversations.

Wednesday evening after teaching I went over to Home Depot to pick out my windows.  I’m going to have plenty of light because I like it and I plan to be in beautiful places and want to be able to see the sky and the land whether I’m inside or out.  So I have a window in my bathroom and one in the entry, two in the kitchen.  One of those is over the sink and is 31/2′ wide.  In the living room I have windows on each side that are 6′ wide x 3′ tall.  And I have windows on three sides in my bedroom.  I know it’s not good feng shui to have a window at your head when you sleep, but I want to be able to look up and see the stars and the moon.  I stayed in a trailer last September in Nevada near to Lake Tahoe that had windows all around the bed and I loved it.

Anyway, three hours later (and an hour after the closing time at HD) I left the depot with a greatly depleted bank account and somewhat dazed from weighing all the considerations of sizes, prices and awning vs. single-hung vs. sliders, etc.  I decided to pay the greater price and get awning-style windows since I won’t have gutters and also want to be able to have my windows open if it’s raining.

I confess that many nights lately I imagine myself in my house – what it’ll be like, what I’m doing in it.  It’s been somewhat difficult to get my possessions down to an amount that might fit into this reduced space.  But, I have been able to reduce the number of my clothes to the point that they all fit into one dresser and about 24″ of hanging space – and the hanging space could be smaller if I have a double rod for short things.  I’m quite proud of that.  Still might not be enough though.  And, even though I’m trying to design the space so that it will be possible for me to have a partner, I don’t think I’m anywhere near actually having the room for someone else’s things – but that is a problem for another day.

Tra-la and Heidy-ho

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  1. Did you do any shopping at the Habitat for Humanity ‘Re-Store’ on Washache?? They have TONS of windows, cabinets, doors etc… All donated & many ‘new’ condition. Prolly’ could of found a few windows for %50 or less than HD new.

    1. Hi John,
      I haven’t had the time to get there regularly enough to find the things I need while they are there. When I have been there hasn’t been much that’s worth anything – at least not of what I need. Are you keeping a look-out for solar equipment?

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. I found a few resources for solar panel ‘Parts’ that would be perfect for your application; Flexible PV sheets (rejects from the manufacturing process) that typically would be mounted under glass and into aluminum frames. For your ‘home’ we could mount these under plexiglass and incorporate into the roof membrane to reduce weight.
        These things are getting cheaper all the time – what is your schedule? are you ready to buy now??

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